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Edwin Pena

Edwin Pena

English teacher (native speaker)

Where were you born?
Milwaukee, Wisconsin
A few words about your childhood: school study, some hobby groups
I grew up in a bilingual family and community most of my friends are fluently bilingual and I participated in sports and had a very fun and interesting childhood.
What have you been dreaming about as your future career (job/profession)?
Milioniare ;-)
What character traits predominated in the childhood?
Strong, strict, loving, caring, rewarding
Which university have you entered after leaving school?
El Turabo, General Education
Was study easy for you ?
It was easy but difficult to find a path that I would enjoy my entire life.
How did you come to teaching? Why have you chosen it?
I wanted to explore new opportunities and possibilities, I love kids and I am a native English speaker so it was a great opportunity for me.
What was your way to the camp "Kannikuly"?
Another English teacher contacted me.
Where do you work/ study?
I am currently working in 2 private kindergartens.
Your hobbies, ways of spending free time
Three most important man's character traits (according to you)
1.) Honesty
2.) Trustyworthyness
3.) hard worker! (Not a quiter)
Complete the sentence: "Nowadays children...."
are the future of the world!
"I'll never be able to......"
be cruel!
"I'm dreaming of......"
Living happily!
"I'm striving for..."
Buying a NEW Car and a flat.
"Happiness is..."
Working hard to reach my goals!


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